Blocks picker broken?

Hi all, it looks like the block picker is broken in my site, only 7 load and Accordion is broken, leading me to think it’s not loading all of them…?

I am able to drag Accordion over to the editor and it’ll get there. But I can’t search the blocks at all either.


So far we have only those blocks as default, and when you install some plugin, for example tabs, you will get new blocks. Just there might be a chance that you will need to re-install plugin now in order to get new blocks in that section. Same works for accordions, try to reinstall them.

So far we have blocks for plugins: tabs, accordions, marquee, typed, swiper, youtube, vimeo, lottie & fontawesome.

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@Pakic Okay thanks! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything with how populated “Components” and “Wireframes” are :slight_smile: