Bug (?) in the Builder with responsive view

Hi Divhunt - Team

Sorry, next bug… :skull_and_crossbones:
There is likely a bug with inheriting CSS properties between desktop and mobile, especially when a property is on a tag and additional CSS classes are assigned. In the builder, the inheritances are not displayed correctly. I’ve currently identified this issue only with positions.

see example screenshot below:

As seen in the screenshot, the Mobile CSS property ‘Top’ was set to 0, but the inheritance from Desktop persists. Even though I set the property to 0 on the tag in the mobile version (tablet). It doesn’t save it on the tag but on the manually assigned CSS class.

Link to Builder:

Hi, this is not a bug; it is how classes work. Styles applied to a tag are always stronger than styles applied to a class, regardless of breakpoint. To make your class styles stronger, you can right-click on a specific property and choose ‘Set as important’.

Yes, that’s correct. However, it is not visible in the builder. In the builder, it shows me ‘top: 0,’ but that’s not true. That is the problem I am trying to explain. Sorry for the confusion. :see_no_evil: If I set ‘top: 0’ for the viewport 911px on a tag class, then it should work.
It seems like it is not saving that property on the tag if the value is set to 0.

However, if the structure of the classes and the CSS file is correct, usually there is never a need to set something as !important.