Bugs between Preview and Builder

Hi team,

I have just been customising my first website and when previewing the ‘About’ page on my site, I noticed there is a few issues and inconsistencies between what Canvas shows and what the Preview actually displays. Examples below - Issue 2 is the primary problem.

  1. I have created custom breadcrumbs using the variable “Page: Title”. In the Canvas mode, it shows simply the title “About”, however on the page and in the settings the full Website Title and Page ID appears. I can remove the website title from the ‘About Settings’ but I worry that hurts the page SEO.

  2. The big problem is the text box clashes with the image in Grid format. As you can see when the page renders on the Preview page the text goes behind the image and part of the lines is just missing. You can see clearly in the snapshot. When visiting the page through the menu this occurs, if I refresh the page and start fresh it loads normally. Each time I navigate away from the page and return it creates the same problem again.

Thanks team, I hope this helps.

Hi @Jamographer

Thanks for sharing this info.
Can you share you domain name?

And for SEO, I noticed that too, I am working on fix for that, will deploy it later on today, so don’t worry about it.

Hey Dejan,

Thanks for the quick response! I’m happy to send the link through however, I haven’t published the site yet as I’m actively copying the content from my Wordpress site across and am not sure if publishing two of the same site will cause an SEO issue. Is there a way for me to send you a link for viewing without me publishing? Or is there a way to ‘unpublish’ once the issue is resolved?

It also occurred to me, the browser I’m viewing from is Safari for the moment - just in case its a browser based issue in the translation.

PS, sorry for my delays in responding - I’m Australian based so time zones may cause issue.


You don’t need to publish, I can still see your website :slight_smile:
Feel free to send link without publishing, also maybe some screenshot of the parts that are different.

Hey @dejan ,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

No problems, here is the web address for this page. The issue only appears to be happening on this one page so far, although I haven’t tried this particular layout on another page as of yet.


I have attached the other screenshot of the same area just in canvas view. Again, if I refresh the page when I’m in Preview, the text/image section loads properly - it’s only when I navigate to the About page from somewhere else.