Burger Menu on mobile view

Hi there,

I’m just starting and I’m trying to figure out why when I copy the Div - Navbar to my test page that is going through the yellow button on the Homepage that says explore now, when I press the burger menu the options appears behind the image and those options do not respond on my cellphone.

How can I do to work like the other pages, please?


Just pop a "navigation" class on this bad boy here and you’re all set!



As @rneary mention that could be fix, or also manually applying higher z-index, which will give priority to navbar to be above others.

I’ve done it for you.

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Thank tou so much for your help! :smiley::+1:t2:

Hi @rneary, thank you for your help as well. :+1:

Yep, I mentioned that specific class because that is how the other existing pages are classed! :+1:

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