Button scroll to section is not working

Hello, on the button element the scroll to section is not working.
Veralabajova.cz | Homepage (drop-vision.com)


You need to set ID to the section you want to scroll to. So click on tag > Settings tab + ID then set nazavazna-konzultace

Already set. But on the button tag it is not working?


I can’t find the ID on your page, can you publish website if you haven’t, visitors can’t see your latest changes unless published.

That’s the bug propably, I got it set it on the buttons on the page:


You need to configure tag ID using that name.
Select the tag to where you want to be scrolled, go to Settings tab then click + ID and set nazavazna-konzultace

Like this

got it, feel free to check my project.


On some buttons you have configured anchor to “nazavazna-konzultace” while it needs to be “nezavazna-konzultace” or the way around, but the ID must match both the ID and anchor scroll exactly.

Goosh, I am so stupid. Sorry for taking your time omg :frowning:

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