Can we connect to Shopify?

Hi, is it possible to connect to Shopify to pull data and integrate the created landing page to my Shopify domain? if yes could u please provide more information?

Hi yoro,

Can you explain me into more details possibly. As I understood, you want to create a landing page with Divhunt, that landing page in Divhunt should fetch some data (products) from shopify, and click on those products will go back to shopify single pages, right?

And you want to host those landing pages directly where your shopify is connected? For example mywebsite[.]com/divhunt-landing-page

Let me know if I understood what you are trying to do correctly :slight_smile:

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Yes, exactly that.
I want the to connect the divhunt landing page to my store and pull products from shopify.

Unfortunately, we currently cant support this that exact example since we dont have a support for suffixes. One possible solution is to use subdomains, for example you create a website on Divhunt, and you connect it to subdomain and there from there you can create all sorts of pages.

for example.

And inside of our builder, you can use REST API to catch shopify products and to show them on your landing pages, and link them to your shopify real page.

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Thank you!! appreciate the help!