Cant add external link as the src of the video tag

Im trying to use video tag in my website. Im using some external video link as the src as the video. But is does not give me the video. when i upload the video to my website and select it from assert it works. But i need to get the video from outside. How can i do that please ?

Do you add the url to video like to mp4 webm or something?

I did test to add URL to mp4 source and it works nice.

this is the link i added. can you please check this?

Yeah as mentioned this is a basic url but not to the source of video file. You should be able to copy sort of emebed code or something in dashboard.

This is from their feature page.

Got it. Thank you so much

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hey can you tell me how can i remove this black back ground please?

You can’t. This is embed behavior from your video provider.

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