Center submenu in both mobile and desktop

I created a submenu and added horizontal padding, but I’m sure that’s not the best approach. :sweat_smile: What I wanted to do was align the submenu with the Menu Wrapper instead of the link.

In desktop view, it looks okay. However, in mobile view, it’s not aligned, and when I make changes in the Pop-up tab, it also affects the desktop view.

How can I make sure it’s centered with the Menu Wrapper in both mobile and desktop?


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Hi :wave:! Circling back on this question.

Hey, I guess thats the downside of this plugin, you cant seperately edit options on mobile and on desktop. We need to see whats the best aproach, I will let you know how to fix this

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Hey, @Pakic! If you’ve got any ideas on how I can fix this, let me know! Many thanks!

Just bumping this message to see if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this. :blush: Appreciate your help!

Hey @pakic, any ideas come to mind yet?

Hey, I will let you know today


@Pakic I’d really appreciate your insights on how to fix this.

We don’t have a possibility now to edit Transforms undepedently on mobiles and other resolutions, only thing I could have done was to add margin-left to align that a bit better on mobile.

Other solution that would allow you much better customizations is to create navbar that will work only on mobile. So you would have desktop & mobile navbar.

Hey @Pakic, appreciate your input! Wondering, would having separate nav bars for desktop and mobile view be the best for loading speed? Thanks!