Changing colors with slider is wonky

I have a color palette that I have entered as colors in divhunt. I would like to select one of my colors and change it, for example to change the transpareny or make it a bit darker or lighter, whatever the case.

When I try to do that with the color sliders in divhunt, it just snaps to white, making it impossible to edit an existing color withing the builder.

It felt like a bug/missing functionality to me, so dropping it here. See video to better understand what I am talking about:

Color snaps to white when using sliders in Divhunt

New version of designer is in development, and new, better color picker will be included, so this will be fixed. Problem is when you open a color picker now, it doesn’t select you a color coming from variable in popup, so only solution you can do for now is when you open a popup of color picker, enter a HEX code again of your color, and apply transparency.