Checking back to see if this is usable yet

So, every so often i check back to see if things have improved. I bought 9 deals at the beginning because I had big hopes but so far I have made zero websites. I feel its just not suitable for mass blogging and the blog sections in all of the marketplace demos prove my theory that its just blocks of text.

And the whole not being markdown compatible is a nightmare having to edit everything twice because once before divhunt then start again in the divhunt backend cms when everything gets unformatted.

Apart from that the reason I am here is because I would like to find a compatible use for this apart from maybe a 5-page website. So there are storefronts for sale on Appsumo that are far beyond anything that could be created on Divhunt.

One is stand alone but I need a host with a PHP server, would I be able to attach that to a divhunt website?

Another one is Wordpress compatible so I’m guessing that won’t be compatible for this either? can you please let me know?

Kind Regards

Hey there!

I wanted to clear up a few things about Divhunt:

  • We’re much more than just a platform for small 5-page websites. Our CMS is incredibly powerful and is getting better all the time. People have even built web apps using our CMS and a bit of custom JS knowledge!

  • We don’t use markdown because our rich text editor is much more versatile. I’m not sure what might be getting unformatted—maybe I’m missing something?

  • If you’re using a third-party CMS via REST API, you can still use markdown, and we have a plugin to help you format it correctly.

  • Hosting Divhunt website on your PHP server is possible by exporting the front-end files and creating your own backend. But idea behind of Divhunt is not to do that, because we give you everything out of the box such as tier 1 hosting with global acceleration and CDN for optimal performance all around the world. Staying on Divhunt allows you to utilize our CMS, REST API, workflows, and more. If you export your front-end, then you need to create whole backend on your own. We are not open source tool such as WordPress.

  • While we’re a competitor to WordPress, our aim was never to be compatible with it. We might create some integrations in the future, but making our builder work directly with WordPress, like Elementor, it was never in our plans.

In conclusion, Divhunt is a very powerful tool, but it does have a learning curve to make the most of it. We offer a powerful no-code builder, a great CMS, REST API integrations, workflows, custom files, and amazing plugins—all of which let you achieve anything, with or without code.

And yes, Divhunt is great for mass blogging and more!

Hope this helps!