Chnages in instance of a component not reflecting on front end

As the title says.

I have a component that has a link element in there. I want to change the link URL in all my instances to various different URL’s, but no matter what I do, changes I make to the instance using the builder are not reflecteded in the front end. it just keeps referencing the main component and does not behave as an instance.

See video.


I am trying to troubleshoot why is this happening.
Do you maybe know from where this script is coming from on your website:


It’s not from google tag manager, I am not sure how to disable it, so I can test if that is killing functionality of links

Yes that script is from the Booking Form I have on the page, I have removed it for testing.

@Pakic I did not hear back from you on this issue.

I made a video to follow up on this because I am just stuck with this simple Review-box element and cannot make progress.

Follow Up Video

The Component does not workfor me, as I showed in the first video, the issue with changing the link.

When I try and copy paste the object to not be a component anymore, that does not work for me either, the styling goes off in a wierd way.

When I try to manually style the copy pasted object to make it look as it should look, that does not work for me either, the width I am entering is not being applied.

I am just stuck here.


I was doing some troubleshooting, heres two quick videos with explanations:

In short by text:

  • I couldn’t reproduce issue with lightbox of components, if you can try again and if you run into problem, we can see what is an issue.
  • You shouldn’t load 3rd party scripts or css files through embed on your page, iframes are fine.
  • When tag has two classes, one on main component, and one added to instnace of component. In this case ‘color-dark’ which was set on important, and then on instnace if you set ‘color-red’ which is also important, deciding factor which one is stronger is which one is newer in the system. So I gave you a explantion how you can style color through attribute in this case.
  • Links are by default display:inline, so they don’t respect width property until set to block or something else.

Let me know if you have any more questions, and sorry for delay with answer :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for this super in depth response @Pakic. All clear.

I did figure out what was going wrong with the components and the changing of the link url. It is that when I select a component, let’s say it is the 2nd instance of that component that appears in the page, what happens is that on the left in the layers panel it scrolls up to the 1st instance of the component. If I then click on a layer by name on the layers panel, I am now editing the 1st instance and not the 2nd instance that I thought I was editing.

The behaviour of scrolling up to the 1st instance of the component was confusing to me and I think it makes it fiddly to edit components.

You can see that behaviour in this video I recorded:

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