Clients' Websites Down since a day


DNS of my clients’ domains are propagating with response when checked using dnschecker, but the websites & respective builders are not opening and with error timedout. Also, when tried to ping from my system(checked both on my mobile data and office Wifi), is not pinging.

Divhunt team to kindly check why such things happen.



Hey, we truly apologize, the website works for the entire world except for a few locations such as India.

If you have access to domains, please update IP to: as a temporary solution.

We are working very hard on this one, even though it’s not Divhunt’s fault and it’s out of our hands, but we will provide a final working solution in 1-2 days.

Thanks for understanding.

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Thank you Dejan for quick response. I can understand the efforts of you guys. Will manage for 2 days. But please work on the permanent solution.

Best regards.


Thanks for your understanding. We will provide solution today.

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Please use the following IP address: and let me know if everything works properly now. In case something is wrong, please revert back to:

Hi Dejan,

Yes,, this IP works for me, in both Mobile data networks & Office WiFi. [Earlier, it use to work in Office Wifi but not on Mobile network(error on Jio network, India whereas Airtel India, it worked - this made me clueless of how it happens like that)]

Anything else do I need to ensure for the above IP?

Thank you! so much for prompt response.


Does now your websites work? From my side, it looks that everything works good?

@dejan Everything works fine now.

Thank you so much for quick resolutions.

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