CMS Based Gallery

I’m building a photographers website, and they have a couple of galleries I would like to list together with venue, date and number of guests info.

I created a collection called galleries, and then an item named after each weddings pairs first names, like Jane & John. Then I added a section with, for test purposes, 5 images. A tab called “Wedding info” and there I tried to have the date picker (Date won’t save), venue name and location.

I thought that I would be able to list all images that’s posted inside that item on a page, so I can sort images inside the CMS, and manage images from there.

But when I try to list the images on a page, I can only choose image-01, image-02 etc etc.
Do I have to create a page where I call for every image like image-01, image-02 etc etc. And then have that page to fetch info from every wedding? And then it will fetch images from image-01, image-02, image-03 etc from that wedding? Or is there a way to iterate through only the images inside “a post” without calling for every one?

It’s hard to explain in wording :laughing: But I hope you understand what I mean :slight_smile:

Hey @Vincent!

It’s a bit clunky, but you can create a Photos collection and name the entries in a logical way that will let you organize them. Attach the images, one at a time, that belong to the same event. Name the entries using a pattern like [eventName]-### may be a good start.

Then, in the Wedding Info collection, add a Relation → Multiple, and for each wedding, select the correct related items from the Photos collection.

Then, you can iterate over the Related items in the Photos collection on your page.

Let me know if this makes sense to you and if you need a better visual, I will put a quick demo in a video.

Do you plan to add some sort of multiple image field for cms?

Yes, a video showing how you do it would be very appreciated, I’ve tried for a couple of hours now but can’t get it to work.

Maybe you could add in the CMS a possibility to upload a bunch of files at the same time into a section or however you sort data in it :slight_smile: And then just be able to iterate through all images in that section instead of the post itself.

Wedding Info - Collection Name

Wedding of Jane and Joe - Item Name

  • Brides name
  • Grooms name
  • Venue
  • Date
  • Gallery
    • Bunch of photos

Wedding of Veronica and James

  • Brides name
  • Grooms name
  • Venue
  • Date
  • Gallery
    • Bunch of photos

Then be able to choose what wedding I want to fetch info from, and then be able to iterate through the photos in the gallery.

Would that be a possible scenario? Ah, it would?! YES, NICE! Because there are no limits in Divhunt! :star_struck::rocket:
:rofl: Jokes aside, but I think you understand what I mean? That gives us an opportunity to save time when working with image galleries, even for blog posts. Or you could just give us the opportunity so iterate images from a specific section in the item?

For now I think I have to add all my images manually for every album :grimacing: :blush:


Yes, that would be good.

Will be added for sure, but for now you can use Media type and select multiple files at once, and then iterate them.


Will try this weekend! :star_struck: I don’t have any time left before that :grimacing:

Oh, snap! I never thought about choosing multiple files! @Vincent, it works!

Today, I came across the same topic: websites with many, many images. And I found out today that with Media, you can select multiple images. That is extremely helpful. Now, if only the media organization could be a bit more refined. For example, incorporating folders.

I come from Webflow and have a background as a professional designer there. I’ll try later to recreate this blog post here in divhunt:


I am glad that this works for you :slight_smile:

In Divhunt, everything is an app, including, builder, cms, and even media. Application acts as a completely isolated system but works well together with others. This allows us unlimited scaling.

Meaning of this is that we are capable of improving Media to be as advanced as Dropbox for example, to let you organize and manage your files in any way possible, which is our goal. So eventually we will release a much more advanced media app.

Also it makes me super happy when I hear someone comes from Webflow to use Divhunt :slight_smile: Even though Webflow is such a powerful platform, it gives me super motivation and tells me that what we do in Divhunt, we do it right.

Ah! I guess this will work for iteration until the CMS get more advanced! :smiley:
I’m still having problems with uploading images since they keep disappearing on me when I open the “image box” (the box you get when you want to upload images). But if I can multi-upload like this, it will work for the time being if I get the iteration working! :smiley:

Well, Webflow has 10 years of experience in the industry. Webflow has undoubtedly navigated through many similar issues and challenges during its development, just like you are experiencing now. As powerful as Webflow has become, it still has some limitations, at times not entirely understandable. For instance, a slider cannot be built as a CMS object. With your approach, you create many more possibilities. This is something that Webflow lacks.

Please stay committed and continue working on Divhunt. Expand the platform, make things simpler, provide solutions that platforms like Webflow may not offer. The market is vast, and I am confident that over time, Divhunt will find its place.
:fist_right: :fist_left:


Hello, I created a photo gallery (sub page) which is connected with collection(gallery). It works great thanks to your Divhunt tutorials.

I have a problem with embedding photos on direct project site. In my collections template i created 1 image space for all Images(12 images) and uploaded them and tried to connect it with feature(image) on my sub site. Unfortunately, no image is visible :frowning: . Anyone can help me? do I have to make an individual space for every photo?