CMS fields "Select" and "Relation"


I’m still learning CMS and have some problems.

  1. In CMS I add the field “Select” (Pick one or multiple options from the list of values)

But when I add an item to this collection I can pick just one option.
How to fix so I can pick multiple options?

  1. With the field “Relation”
  • I Choose relation collection.

  • And I Choose relation type- Single

However, the system still gives me the option to choose multiple items. Is there a way to switch this off?

Thank you.


For the select type, I believe that’s wrong description, we will fix, for now it’s possible to pick only 1 value.

For relation, let me explain:

Single Type

  • You can still choose multiple items (as many), however system will always return just one randomly, so if there’s 2 items selected, on each request system will choose on of those 2 and return as single item.

Multiple type

  • You can choose as many, and items will be returned as list (array)

Thanks for the quick replay.