CMS - problem creating pages blog

Thanks for Divhunt, it’s a good solution.

I have a problem creating a blog.

If possible, I would need a template of the 2 pages to create the blog.

Many thanks in advance.


What do you mean 2 pages?

Hey @Tanguy, if I understood correctly, you would like to have two (or more) design/page templates for a single collection and select the desired template based on the collection item, similar to what WordPress offers. Is that right?

We’re working on making our CMS better right now. Part of our plan is to add a feature for Templates, so you can have different designs to choose from. I can’t say exactly when this will be ready because we have some other important updates to do first. But I can promise that we are making Templates a priority and we are definitely planning to add this feature.

Thank you for your reply. Here are the 2 pages I need.

Thanks for all