CMS rich text editor problems

I’m finding the CMS rich text field type useless. Sometimes the whole of what I enter is not saved. Sometimes it is truncated. Rarely is it saved in full. Using Chrome on a Mac.

Am I missing something?

The CMS is central to the appeal of Divhunt, for me, particularly in conjunction with filtering. I use Airtable a lot, and I shall explore the use of that for the back end. But am I alone in having trouble with the built-in database?

Can you maybe record a video of what is happening? Because I can’t reproduce a problem similar to that?
Thank you

I’ll have a go at that.



Your upload facility doesn’t seem to like .mov or .mp4 files


Hey, can you upload the video on some cloud-based platform and leave a link here? You can upload it to Google Drive as well, it’s the simplest way.


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Hey, thanks for reporting this bug. We will solve it asap.
If you add some text, and refresh a page before opening CMS item again, will text be saved?