Collection Questions

Hi team,

I am building a blog for my client and both she and I will need the ability to have a gallery in specific blog posts, but not all of them. Is there a way to add an image gallery to SOME Collections posts? I can’t seem to figure it out and the only alternative I can think of is to awkwardly building dedicated pages for every blog post instead of using Collections but that makes updating the blog index page quite clunky and annoying, especially for my client.

Also, what date format do we need to use to make sure the posts are displayed in the correct order when using Published Date ascending/descending? I have tried a few different methods (12/10/23, 12 Oct, 2023, 12 October, 2023, etc) and some of the posts are still in the wrong order, all I have been able to do so far is to use the ‘created’ date but that won’t work for backdating posts that are still coming across.

Lastly, my client tends to like having their text centralised, as they tend to have a decent amount of text with one or two images on most posts, I have had to use RichText for their collection set up. I have tried adjusting the Child settings on the blog post page but I can’t seem to make the posts text centralised without manually choosing each text section during the editing/creation process.

If you can help that’d be great. Thanks in advance


Sadly at the moment, galleries per blog post is not doable except using raw HTML in rich text.

We are heavily working in improving the CMS, so in near future this will be possible as you mentioned.

As for centralised text, please share your domain name so we can see what’s the issue.

Hey Dejan,

Thanks for getting back to me! I have created a blog post for you specifically, I hope you appreciate the level of creativity I put into writing the demo text :rofl:

I’m glad to hear some big improvements are coming for the Collections. I honestly feel like it’s the one thing I’m wanting more from, and in a simpler form. I like being able to create custom blog pages fairly easily and such but it feels like it’s got a lot more potential that’s missing so this excites me a lot to hear it’s getting some love.

Also, can you please have a look at the issue I was speaking about with the date organisation for me? I have set the Blog page (accessible in the post or through the menu) to be PublishDate-Ascending and you’ll notice that the post I created specifically for you is smack bang in the middle of the content, not the most recent post. I can’t figure out what date format I need to use to make the posts appear in order.


I apologize for the late reply.

The collection is currently our highest focus, and we are working on delivering the most capable CMS system in the market.

Have you had any success with the ordering, if not I can take a look more deeply to see what’s causing the issue.

Hey Dejan,

Thanks for getting back to me. No worries on the delay, I know you have a million things on the back end you’ll be working on.

It’s good to know the collections is being worked on so much. If I could make a suggestion, I would love to see the collections being similar to the main web builder. I find it much easier and obviously it’s more dynamic to adjust each post individually rather than having pre-made templates as a one-size-fits-all system.

No unfortunately, there’s been no success with the ordering system, I’ve tried a few different variations nor formatting from what I’ve tried. I’m in the process of trying to make the blog manually using various web pages and manually inputting the data into the overall blog page (different website than initially mentioned above).

I’m looking forward to seeing what changes are coming up for the Collections. If I can be any help in feedback or anything, please let me know.

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