Collections Api

Is there an api / endpoint I can use to submit new blog posts to my site?
I assume I would do this by adding a new entry to the appropriate collection.


Entire Divhunt is API based, but sadly it’s not yet for public use. It’s still in preparation alongside the documentation.

So as for now, I would say there’s no way to use API, but this is definitely our priority and we are trying to release this feature as soon as possible.

Cool! :metal:t3:; I don’t need it today but ideally in the next month or two and this helps with the planning.
Knowing that I’m asking for a guess that I wouldn’t try to hold you to, and knowing that I have a backup plan in case not…

Are you guessing it’s in the next

  • month
  • Quarter
  • 6mo

Next 3 months definitely

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