Color Selection Issues

Hi guys,

I am having some strange and unexpected behaviours when I try to use some of my colors that I have entered under the styles section. When I select a color, it looks like Divhunt is getting confused and showing the names of two colors, and is not displaying any of those colors. Hard to explain, just view the video linked below.

Also the box shadow is not having the expected result when I enter my settings.

I am not sure about the box shadow situation, but the color issue I am having feels like it is probably a bug.

Please view video screen recording here


Just interested to know, why you have so many saved colors for your website.

I know that the recommendation is not more than 5 for the whole website for the branding.

Do you actually use all of them?

And it definitely looks like a bug

Hi @Stolichnaya , there are few colors in principle, dark color, light color, cta color, highlight color. Then there are lighter and darker variations of all those for hover state, active state, borders, backgrounds, and monochrome style dark-on-dark or light-on-light situations. That accounts for most of the colors.

Yellow always makes an appearance since there are things that are just yellow by default like testimonial stars and awards.

Then there are a few primary colors and shades of those that are there just in case I need to make some element that stands out, as well as some colors for making nice gradients.

The page is a template so it needs to be flexible for deployment in diff situations.

I’ve seen various reccomendations for color palettes, but when I used to work with real big brands at an advertisting agency, the brand manual end up being very extensive once you run into all the real world situations out there. This is similar, over time I arrived at this setup that covers all possible scenarios.

At the end of the day it looks like this (these are not on Divhunt, I am recreating the template here):