Color Swatch Management Issues

Hi guys,

I use around 100 color swatches in my website design, mostly gradiations from light to dark of white to black and gradiations of a few highlight colors, and then a few more groups of colors that are used for specific elements.

I entered these colors one by one in a logical organized way so that groups of colors are… grouped. This is the only way to find the right color shade that you need at any give time.

This seemed to be fine yesterday when I setup my colors, the colors where shown in the order I created them, organized and grouped logically for my usage.

Today when I opened my project, the colors are randomly ordered, with no logic that I can discern. Not in alphabetical order, not in the order I entered them, just jumbled up.

It is impossible to find the color I need like this.

I made a screen recording to you can see the situation on my end:

How do I get my colors to remain organized and grouped?

What should I do now to get things organized so I don’t have to delete my project and start from scratch? Or if I do need to delete and start from scratch, can you point me to any info on how to export my design and import it again? Not that I have designed much, but I want to avoid redoing it.

On the topic of colors, I would also like to know if I can reference my colors that I create as swatches as CSS variables in any CSS I write. So if I name a color ‘yellow’ can I use e.g. background: var(–yellow); in my CSS?

I also noticed that when you enter a color name, e.g. ‘yellow-dark’ it then appears in the swatch list as ‘Yellow Dark’. Personally I would prefer that things remain exactly as I enter them without any formatting changes.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,


Thank you for reporting this issue. We will try to resolve it asap

Btw, you can delete colors on the right click

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Thanks for looking into it, understood :+1:

How can I know if the issue is resolved, you drop a message here perhaps? I understand it will be hard to keep track of every message in the forum, I just want to know when I should recreate my colors and that they will now keep their positions.

Also do you know by any chance the answer to what I asked about if I can reference my colors that I create as swatches as CSS variables in any CSS I write?

So if I name a color ‘yellow’ can I use e.g. background: var(–yellow); in my CSS?

Hey, we will respond here when we fix it.

You can use your variables in CSS. For example if you create color with name: “yellow”,
you can write in custom css “color:var(--yellow);” … Just keep in mind, name needs to be exactly the same. Same capitalization. If you name it “Yellow” , then you need to use var(--Yellow)

Also if you name your colors in two words, they will be connected by dash (-).
Example: if you name your color “Yellow Alternative”

you should use var(--Yellow-Alternative)

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Awesome, thanks man. Your responses here are so fast, and on Saturday night no less, I respect your hustle brate and I am happy to be using Divhunt.

Just to clarify one minor point, I usually enter my color names with lower case and with a dash, like “yellow-alternative”, as they should appear in variables. I am actually copy pasting from a list I have where they are already formatted like that.

But I notice that in the color swatch display it shows as if auto-formatted to start each word with capitalization and removes the dashes, so it looks like “Yellow Alternative” in the list of colors.

In the backend of Divhunt is the color saved and understood as what I entered “yellow-alternative” or as it appears “Yellow Alternative”. So should I use in the CSS variables “yellow-alternative” or “Yellow-Alternative”?

It is just a little confusing due to the auto-formatting that takes place.

Greetings from Greece.

If you right click on color, you can see actual name that you should use in Custom CSS.
So when you are adding variables like that “yellow-alternative” , you should type it like that.
We format color names in sidebar, so they are more readable to average users.

Thank you, we need to hustle, its our product, and if we are not going to do it, noone else will do it for us, brate😁