Colorblind options? I can't tell blue/purple apart in the builder

Hi, after watching this video ( I realized that there are “blue” and “purple” color tags for inherited/new styles (and “orange” and “pink” are pretty close to me, as well), but this was lost on me, being colorblind. I had no idea!

Can you implement a way to configure custom colors for the builder or at least some more colorblind-friendly palettes, like white-blue-orange-darkgray?

It would make my life a lot easier! I can always put some custom CSS in my browser to change them myself, of course, but wanted to let you know that someone else may want this ability.

Perhaps even each class could have its own color picker, to make sure that it’s recognizable where you expect it to be?


Can you give me hex colors and I’ll help you sort this out in native way:
There’s 3 different colors at the moment, for the tag, for the classes and for the global tags.

I’ll write here how to achieve that so other who might be interested could implement.

Looks like:

Blue “button” is el, rgba coded rgba(60,114,255,1)
Blue text is rgba(12,140,233,1),
Purple “button” is the variable --dh-brand: rgb(163 117 255 / 1.0);
Purple text (this was really hard for me to even find one!) is #A375FF
Pink “button” is, hex coded #FF5893
Pink text is #FF5893!important
Orange is hex coded #FF9B73

Screenshot 2023-08-17 095813