Components Creating Extra Div

When adding a component in the Builder, it creates another div container. It makes it challenging to determine where to add changes…to the div or to the component?


That extra div is a component holder. To understand better, let’s go over 1 example.

If you add 10 navbar components, you will get 10 div’s and inside those 10 divs you will get same navbar structure (elements) on all 10 places.

Each of those 10 divs (holders) are unique, meaning you can style each of them differently, which unlocks some of the options to modify components differently.

If you remove that extra div (component holder), you are not removing component or component structure, you are just removing the holder.

If you want to edit component elements, you should edit inside that div (holder).

Not sure if you have watched:

Okay, thank you for the explanation. That really helps. I have not watched the video but will do so. Thanks again!