Configured loops, when moved to a different parent container, lose all customization

I’ve been able to replicate this with FontAwesome and with heading tags, where I am trying to create new “groups” of fields for a certain content type, and when I move them into said groups, they lose the customizations I had added, like default heading name, default list info, etc. It just all goes blank.

Working on a screencap, but the proof would be have an H3, configure it, then make a new div, and put the H3 into the div. It loses the title and any adjustments.

What’s crazy, though, is once it’s moved back to where it was, it regains all the info it had before!


Yes, we are aware that loops are working like that, but its not that easy to fix. We will try to make it happen this year, but for now, it will stay like that unfortunately. So proper way to use loops is to first to be sure that you have your whole structure ready and perfect until you start filling the content. If you are not sure about this, then components might be a smarter option, or regular duplicate :slight_smile:

As well downside of loop is that you cant re-order items easily.

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