Container is not resizing on max height with height

Hi guys

I am configuring the size of a container according to the tutorial that is best to configure max width with px and the width as 100%

It’s not working on the height, only when I add the height px not in the max height.

Is that a bug?

It is configuring, just that 1920px is width of container parent as I see?

Btw, you are not editing global container, check tutorial again, and you will see that we are editing global container tag (pink color), this way you apply changes to all the places where container is used.

Doing it your way, by editing only this tag (blue color), changes are applied only there, nowhere else.

Sorry, I didn’t get what you were saying.

I need some clarifications.

I have opened a new section and it is still the same.

Why the height properties are not changing with the default Max Height?

The structure is like this:

Section: By default In Your Tutorials, Padding sets to 100px top & bottom
Container: Size By default: Max width - 1280px, Width - 100%
Inside the builder, it says Container Size 1280X40 but it is not configured 40px in the menu.

Now with all of that, I can’t change the container’s Max height as I told you before.

  1. Why does it only work when I change the regular height parameter?
  2. What are the default parameters it is recommended to use for the Global classes in the pink?
  3. What is the recommended width for the responsiveness?
    1280px that comes by default or 1920px?

Video of the problem:

When you set max height to 400px, that means, maximum height will be 400px, no matter how much content you put inside. It doesn’t instnatly start at 400px, you get to 400px by putting tags inside. Height of the div is determined by the content inside.
I don’t recommend to put max height ever, there is very small use-case where you need to acutally use max-height. While max-width is used very often.

Container max width depends on how you like it. Most of the websites have container max width between 1140 and 1440.
Also there use-cases with much bigger containers or smallers, and there is use-cases without container. So it is highly personal. There’s no recommendations.

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Great! Thanks for the clarification.