Convert a Tag to a newClass

Ist there already a function like that and I just haven’t found it yet?

It would be fantastic if you could assign CSS styles that are applied to an tag at a later time to a new class. Often, you realize later that applied CSS styles are reused multiple times on the website.
Therefore, it would be great if you could, for example, easily transform a TAG from a DIV into a new class, giving you the ability to apply the same style multiple times with this new Class.

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Hey @noxic, this is already possible with Divhunt custom CSS, here is the video with the time stamp:

Hey Darko. Thanks, good to know. That’s certainly more of a workaround than a feature. :slight_smile: Isn’t it?

Hey @noxic,

Well, it’s kind of a yes and no situation. The process is pretty much straightforward, mostly a copy-paste job to get the result. However, it could definitely be more user-friendly. For instance, it would be great if we could just right-click on the Tag, select ‘Convert to Class’, type in the class name, and have the system automatically transfer the styles from the Tag to the Class for us.

Definitely something you should put in the Wishlist. :grin:

@Lazarevic It would definitely be great if something like this could be implemented at some point. It doesn’t have to be immediate; there are surely higher priorities. But it’s the little things that contribute to making an application user-friendly. I’m sure many users don’t even know they can achieve it with copy-paste; instead, they end up building everything again as a new class.
have a great day!

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