Create a link on an image

Hi, sorry just newbie here.

I would like an image to a page. I can’t find how to get this done. A link button is available but I can’t change the image of the the link button.

Also, how can I set it to open same tab instead of new tab.

Any light on this please?

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Hey @Jayzone, here is the solution to your problem:

  1. Just make a structure like mine (nest image element inside of a link element):

  1. Go to the settings panel while your link element is selected and there you can see a variety of options for linking:

  1. Select the method you want to use (link to your existing page or to some external links…)

And that’s it, I hope I answered your question, if you have any more doubts about this feel free to ask.

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Thanks for this answer. I was looking for similar. But I wonder if its also possible to link add links to individual images or text within an Image Wrapper, such as the two places below. Every time I try to add the link button is seems to break the grid/wrapper


It may be possible if you wrap second link into object element.


To add object, use CTRL + E and type Object

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I couldn’t make it work, but I’ll give it another go tomorrow - thanks