Creating a toggle switch for annual/monthly pricing


Is there an way to create a toggle switch similar to the one on the divhunt current pricing page that toggles between individual and agency plans? I want to do it for monthly/annual plans for my website. Can’t seem to find a button for this in the builder.



Currently we are selling only lifetime deals. All the prices you see there are one-time, they are not subscription based. So that’s why theres no toggle for yearly/monthly on current pricing page.

Hi Pakic,

Sorry I meant how do I create this toggle in my own website? I want to show monthly/annual plans for my own website. Is it using a loop?

Aaah, sorry, I just woke up, didnt read that correctly :joy:
It requires a bit of custom JavaScript, and usually what happens on a page when you toggle something requires JS, if I create you tutorial with use of jQuery/JavaScript, would you be able to understand, I am not sure if you are familiar with it?

And as well, this gave me idea, we might be able to create a plugin for such purposes, I can put that in Wishlist.

Ah ok so it is done with custom JS. Was wondering if it was already a feature in the builder we can enable.

Tutorial would be great. And the plug-in too. Maybe a quick alternative would be to include this component in one of the templates so it can be easily replicated?

On that note, is copying components between project possible right now?