Creating a web-app with user logins

Hi DivHunt team,

I’m looking to create a web-application using DivHunt that allows users to sign-up, (maybe using something like Auth0), create unique profiles and make changes, as well as view gated content + access their “user portal/homepage”.

Is this somehow possible? Any ideas on how to make a tech stack that would support this?

Have been working incredibly hard on this in Figma. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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There are some solutions like Memberstack or even the Google Firebase, so it would be possible to build this.

Not the easiest thing to do though :slight_smile:

So you would store the Users to Google Firebase, as Firebase has Front-End SDK, meaning you can use it to login and register people.

On login, the cookie should be set, then using the Divhunt REST API, you can get the Firebase user based on the saved cookie and store it in a variable, then you’ll have access to that user as he’s logged in.

After that, everything else should be simple to do, just do conditions if he’s logged to show/hide stuff.

Or maybe research the Memberstack which is a lot simpler.

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