Hi, newbie here,

I want to create a website that has an interactive table (similar to Ninja Tables), that would allow users to sort and filter data.
Is this possible? - any suggestions on how to achieve this?



You might integrate Ninja Tables, I am not sure, do they offer simple embed to any type of HTML website? I am just guessing.

If not, there is a way for sure with similar tools. Creating simple table with just data is simple, we will publish some sections like that on our marketplace, but sort & filtering option is tricky and we currently don’t have a native solution for that.

Thank you for the advice.
Ninja Tables is a Wordpress Plugin.
What terminology should I use when asking Ninja Tables support if their plugin will work?

I will do a bit of research a bit later, and will let you know if they or someone else supports it.

Thank you - your time is greatly appreciated Pakic!