Critical issue with the list feature when typing in Japanese

The Japanese language has three types of characters: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.
Hiragana can be typed directly from the keyboard, but Katakana and Kanji need to be converted from Hiragana by selecting the appropriate character from a suggested word list by pressing the space key and enter/return key.

When I press the enter key on a list of Divhunt, it automatically moves to the next item on the list. This causes a typing issue as I am unable to input Katakana and Kanji characters. Instead of showing the selected character, it leaves an empty space.
Also, if I type Katakana and press enter without selecting any converted word from the list, it duplicates the word.

I’ve never encountered this issue with WordPress or other note-taking apps by non-Japanese companies.


Sorry, not sure if we are able to help right now, since we are using 3rd-party rich text editor which seems like doesn’t have support for it.

We are also working on our own rich text, but it won’t be that soon.

So the only solution I can see is that you use normal long text element and write manual Markdown if you are familiar with it, since you can use markdown function to convert text into html when displaying it.

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