Cta class not triggering action in ClickMagick

I’m setting up ClickMagick to track the clicks on the links in my landing page, but my tests have not generated any actions in my ClickMagick campaign. In DivHunt I used Custom Code in Site Settings to add a ClickMagick script to the Head End which included this line: log_action:‘.cta’,

For each of the 3 links on my landing page, I added in the Selector section the class “cta”.

I opened the landing page in a browser and clicked on one of the 3 links. That click was not recorded in my ClickMagick campaign. I tried the other 2 links and no clicks were recorded. (I refreshed ClickMagick after each test).

Is there something else I need to do in DivHunt to get the clicks recorded in ClickMagick?

Hey, can you give me your website url?


It’s landing page 1-1

I am not sure what do to, their website is broken for me, its shows me only plain HTML. And I am not able to test without actually creating an account and doing everything from scratch.

I moved your code to body end, so you can test now if it is working, maybe it requires script to be loaded in footer.

This is their website for me:

ClickMagick is one of the best ad campaign tracking solutions available in the market. They require their script to be placed in the Head. I tried the script in all 4 locations in DivHunt, but clicks were not recorded by ClickMagick. Previously I used Convertri page builder and Groove Pages page builder and clicks properly were recorded in ClickMagick. I don’t believe there is any problem with the ClickMagick website, but I will ask their support team to look at my campaign setup on their site to make sure I haven’t done anything wrong there.

I will let you know if they find any problems. Thanks for your help so far!

ClickMagick found one small error in my link url. I fixed that and the DivHunt landing page now works with ClickMagick.
Thanks for your help!

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