Custom Domain and adding CNAME on Dreamhost

I have Dreamhost as a hosting provider.

I’m trying to change the CNAME record but it’s not the same as in your video. Her’s what it says to do to do a CNAME but it’s different then what is described in your video. Can you advise?

CNAME (Canonical Name) records are used to point a subdomain to another hostname, as opposed to an IP address with a custom A record. A CNAME is often used to point the ‘www’ subdomain to the root domain ( so that visitors may reach the site at either address. CNAME records cannot be applied to the root domain. Instead, use an ALIAS record.

See screenshot.

I think you can just type www there in host field? Since it is already pre-populated with your domain on the right.

Thx for the info. Now when so go to the page doesn’t load but I see the favicon in the browser tab. Do I need to contact Dreamhost?

On your homepage, route should be set to “/” , I fixed it for you, now everything should be good.

Thx for the help. I have one more question. If you look at the footer i have there social media icons. The only one I need visible is Facebook. Been trying to figure out how to delete the other icons and just have the Facebook icon and how to link that up. Can you advise and thanks so much. I’m almost done with the site.

Ohhhh one more thing. If you look at the image attached it see the hamburger menu there is a thin purple line. How do I change the color of that to navy blue like in the footer background? Thanks so much!!!

There is a border-bottom property applied to your section tag on resolution 991.

So switch breakpoint to 991px (tablet), select section (navbar probably), find border properties, select border-bottom, and change color or disable it.