Custom domain name

Hi, I changed my dns settings to add my own domain. Just asking if this feature is working now,
because there is a section in the site setting that says “Default domain” and the default is only * and no way to make my domain as default.

Its just a bad wording when saying “default domain”, we will change it to like “staging domain” or something.

Since when you are working on your website you are accessing to yourdomain[.]com/builder , and that staging domain is meant to be used if for some reason you loose access to your domain temporarly, for example while waiting DNS to propagate, so you can continue working. Changes are being applied to both domains at the same time, and when you publish website, it is published on both places

I see, so I guess it’s jut propagating longer than usual for me now. I appreciate your fast response.

What domain is are you trying to connect?

it’s almost there, just not secured yet.

*it’s secured now, thanks.

Hi Divhunt,

My 2nd domain seems to not connect. It is a new account.

I put in the correct data for A record and CNAME for Namecheap domain hosting.

I’ve done this correctly for my first domain. Although I think this is something on your side to fix.
domain is

Attempted to connect via

Hi @ZenflueX

For the CNAME record, set host to only www.


Also make sure that it’s configured for domain to use Custom DNS settings instead of default namecheap nameservers.

Thank you for the fast reply Dejan, what do I put in for NS1 and 2?


Are there other options? Sorry I’ve must been mixed up with another hosting. So idea is here to not use name servers but rather use the DNS settings directly on domain.

I would also recommend getting in touch with Namecheap, they’ll respond fast.

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same problem that I’m facing. Asking about Nameserver 1 and 2.

On Namecheap you need to put @ on host A records and www on host cname


Firewater thank you so much I can confirm @ works!!!

God bless you! :trophy::1st_place_medal::heart_on_fire::crystal_ball::fortune_cookie::sparkles::star::gem::four_leaf_clover::red_gift_envelope:

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Hi, is it possible to change domain name once we have it setup on our website? Thanks

Yes, its possible.

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