Custom fonts | Divhunt Updates

Hey everyone, we are happy to announce that you can now upload and use custom fonts on your Divhunt websites. Supported formats include .ttf, .otf, .woff, and .woff2.

Learn more about it here: Custom fonts | Divhunt Updates


Hi, i am trying to upload custom fonts “satoshi” when i upload woff2 variable file i get only 1 option in properties sidebar and when i select the font its not rendering the font correctly. Does this mean we can’t use variable file? Also, when i try to upload individual files e.g. regular, bold etc again its showing only 1 option in editor.

Kindly help.

When you are uploading fonts, do you multi-select all files? And after that check weights in table below and click add font?

Hi Pakic,

Thanks for your reply. That’s what I was missing, as there are no clear instructions on the font upload page. Later on, I figured it out myself—when I multiselect files, it worked. However, as a UX designer, I have some feedback related to the user experience. There is a lack of affordances and clear instructions in several parts of the UI. I hope my feedback is helpful. I must also say that I like the overall Divhunt platform after using Webflow for years.

Best regards,

Hey @imraanftg,

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll make sure to clarify in the description that you need to upload all font files at once.

Also, please feel free to provide your full feedback. Wherever you find room for improvement, let us know, as we are still working on the product. :slight_smile: