Date for native CMS

Can’t wait to build my first client website using Divhunt. However I do need to know the timeline when the native Divhunt CMS will go live. All of my clients use CMS functionality so this is a must!

Please let us know.

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Hi @corneromme,

This is currently our higest priority, and we are working on it actively. We have a goal to have the best CMS on the market that will have anything that you can think of, such as spliting collection into sections, tabs, choosing width of fields and more for better organisation. Repeater fields, multi-reference, powefull rich text editor (editor.js), etc.

We dont have a date set exactly, but we will try to deliver this system this summer. Probably around August / September.

Heres a sneak peek in early progress :slight_smile:

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Hey @Pakic ,

Thank you for your quick and extensive response! :smiley:
I’m very happy to hear that the CMS is your highest priority. For almost all of my clients it’s an absolute must have feature.

Also very exciting to see the sneak peek! It already looks great and hope it all goes as planned.
Please keep us posted on this!

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