Different CMS page templates possible?

I saw on the Divhunt website, the CMS page template feature:

is this already released?

I have the use case for a client project, where there is a specific section sometimes once and other times twice (with some other styling). I know could do this in separate collection which is then referenced etc. but the template feature sounds great to keep everything within one collection.

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Hey, currently this is possible with conditional visibility.

For example you would create a field (toggle) in CMS “Hide FAQ section”, and then based on that field hide or show whole section.

And for whole page, you can create two templates in body basically.
Wrap whole page in one div which you can name: Template 1, and then create another full page below that is wrapped in Div named: Template 2… And then in CMS create select field “Template”, and then apply visibility condition to that DIV to show specific template.

In future this will be a bit simpler, but now it is possible the way I told you. And if you are curious, conditional visibility in Divhunt is done before HTML is presented to user, that being said, theres no way for user to access any data that you have hidden in builder.

Hey @Pakic
Thank you for the input!
I decided to create a relating collection, which then contains the individual amount of element.