Divhunt CMS Collection Does Not Load WebP Images in Media Fields

Looks like the CSM is not displaying WebP images in the Media field when editing the collection.

It saves the URL correctly, but when you go back and re-open the saved item, it does not display the image.

I recorded a quick video of the behavior.

Inspecting the Network tab for activity, it looks like the WebP image is not even being requested from the CDN. I didn’t record this part.

Just wanted to follow up on this.

Hi @Studio350

Please provide me with image you are trying to upload so I can resolve this issue asap.

Hey @dejan !

Here is an example that is already uploaded - https://global.divhunt.com/07f29a26f296a9c5f488cf22f20a4772_10876.webp

Attaching a copy here as well in case you need it:

Please let me know if there is anything else with which I can help!

As always, thanks for the amazing work! :rocket: !!


Thanks, fixed! Update will be active on couple of minutes.

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Awesome! Thank you for the super fast response!

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