Divhunt CMS CSV Import

Is there any plan to have an option to import/export CSV data in Divhunt CMS Collections?



Of course, just currently we have much higher priorities, so we don’t have set date yet for this, but it should happen relatively soon


Hey @Pakic,

Any updates on this? I’m planning to bring over 100 articles to Divhunt, and doing it manually doesn’t seem very enticing. :grimacing:


Not yet, but as It’s important feature, please join our Slack channel so we can collaborate together on creating this one:


I would like access to your CSV file and your Divhunt project so we can create feature and make import.


Hi Dejan

What are the benefits of importing CSV files?

At the moment I need to import dozens of customer reviews from FB and create a swiper for it.

Can this help me too?


Yes, if you have CSV items with data, it’s makes migrating those data to Divhunt much easier.
The feature is ready, so if you need it, you can import items :slight_smile:


Also, feature is up & running :slight_smile:

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I think I successfully exported a database to CSV last week, however I am trying it again now, and by default the Export button downloads a file named ‘true.html’ - Seems like the Export Feature is broken?

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Hey, does your CMS have relation fields?

Uh yes the collection does have a few relation fields. Does that prevent it from exporting?

Currently yes, it’s a little bug that we found out recently, we will fix it asap, will let you know when fixed.

Ok, sounds good. It was only a couple, I could delete for now and work around it.
I really only need the export for creating an initial import template so I can map fields from a different program.
Will importing a CSV work with relational fields?

I’m having the same problem today. I don’t have any relation fields in my CMS.

The exported “true.html” file contains this content:
“Failed to load function: object.single from Add-on: collections”

Looking forward to being able to export CSV again.

Still broken for me!