Divhunt subdomain indexed by Google

The divhunt subdomain of one of my sites got indexed by Google (which is on one hand nice as it shows, that Divhunt pages are well optimized for SEO…). But this will cause issues with duplicate content as the site is now also published on a custom domain. Is there something in place to have canonicals to the custom domain or at least a default no index for the subdomain as soon a custom domain is connected?

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Uh, that’s a big issue. :no_mouth: :no_mouth:
Because it appears to Google as if one page is copying the other, since the domains are different. This could lead to Google downgrading your own site and rendering your SEO efforts useless.

I didn’t even consider that the pages would be indexed by Google. I assumed that the divhunt.art website was only meant to be used for development purposes.

@divhunt-team: @Pakic
How can I set up the xy.divhunt.art website to never be indexed by a search engine?

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Yeah it’s quite a big issue… The divhunt subdomain was already picked up by Google and now ranked on 4th place…

also the canonical on the subdomain is self-referencing so it will be looked at as duplicate content:
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@Pakic a fix for this is quite important to avoid duplicate content

Uuh, I see. I got the same results. 4th place in Google. And one link is directly on /fr (not DE). interesting.

→ Bin aus Wädenswil. :wink:

haha crazy, was för en zuefall :smile:

chönd eus den gern mal ustusche :slight_smile:

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For now just add noindex to your not published projects I guess

We will fix this and find a better solution. Problem is that while you have no other domains connected, divhunt.art domain is indexed, and after you connect your own domain, it is not indexed anymore.

ja wär toll… findsch mich uf www.michaelauer.ch