Documentation as well as videos

Please, please, start writing things down so that users can refer to a document. Watching videos is great, but it is no way to find answers to questions.


Sure, we’re on the same page, and we’ll aim to follow this approach going forward. Right now, our team is relatively small, and we’re receiving a high volume of daily requests. Our main goal is to respond to everyone, so the less time we spend on each request, the more requests we can address. Additionally, we’re in the process of creating the Divhunt Academy, which will offer both written and video tutorials to make learning easier! :blush:


Thanks, understood. Worth outsourcing creation of a knowledgebase?

For now, we believe it’s best for us to handle the creation of the knowledgebase ourselves. Since our platform is new, we have the most in-depth understanding of it. We also have a content creator who is actively producing YouTube videos, and once we launch the Divhunt Academy, we’ll have someone to handle the written content based on our guidance. :smile:

Can’t wait to study :open_book: in Divhunt Academy.

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Hi @Lazarevic

When will you launch the Divhunt Academy?

Hey @Stolichnaya, sorry for the late response. I missed your question here. We don’t have the exact date yet. We are actively working on the new CMS system that will allow us to build a much better Academy with better filtering and everything.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks.

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So … do you have a date for the better CMS filtering? I need to decide whether to continue my existing project at Divhunt or switch to Wix while you develop that better filtering.


It’s challenging to provide an exact release date due to potential bugs or issues. We’ll release it once we’re certain it’s error-free. Expect it in the coming weeks, but the exact timing will depend on our tests. We’ll announce the release here once ready.

If your project can wait, I’d suggest holding on for Divhunt. If it’s urgent, consider using Wix. Starting anew on Wix may take as long as our CMS release, so it might not save you time.

Thanks Lazarevic

As it happens, I had half-built a Wix site before being seduced by Divhunt. I need to revisit it, and assess the remaining work.

I don’t want to make more work for you - you are doing a great job, and I want you to keep it up - but it would be really helpful if you have some sort of specification for your ‘better filtering’, so that I can see how it compares with Wix.

We’ll have all general filtering options, such as Equal, Like, Greater Than, Less Than, etc… And over time, we’ll have some slightly advanced ones for even better control.

I want to jump in and vote for this one too. In my case, I have some hearing loss issues, and listening to a Youtube video to solve something is a huge pain. Really really really need some documentation.

Make your docs open source on github using some markdown library. I bet a bunch of the community will start helping out. We so need it.


@will_lutz We are on it!


Was the divhunt academy abandoned? This throws a 404

It’s not, it will be published again. We redesigned the whole site and we didn’t manage to finish the Academy yet

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