Double Marquee bug and localised page showing different things from original

I’m experiencing some weird bug with having 2 marquees active on the same page :thinking: The first one is moving perfectly, but the second one Is stuck on mobile, but when I lock my screen and unlock it - Then it works as it should

Here’s a video showing it DemoVideo

Also I have embedded 2 shape dividers on my page, but I’m experiencing some difficulties, where it’s showing the first one on my English page, but not the second one. On my danish page, it’s not showing the first one, but it is showing the second one

Example of English page (Shape divider is at the top) GOODIEBOX | LP

Example of Danish page (Shape divider is on bottom) GOODIEBOX | LP


You have both swiper sliders and marquee? While seems that swiper is showing only on mobile for me.

Yes my page Is currently live, so I had to find a solution, which was to hide the marquee on mobile and make a slider that’s only visible on mobile

I made this demo page: GOODIEBOX | Marquee-test - The same thing happens where nothing moves, I lock my phone and unlock it and then it moves as it should.

I can replicate it on my iPhone (Using Safari) and also on my Macbook, using Safari.

On my Macbook, the marquee plays after I switch Safari out of view - Which is kinda reminiscent of the locking iPhone and then it plays bug?

Here’s a recording of it

@dejan Anything that can be done, to fix the Marquee plugin for safari? I think it’s somewhat important, taking into consideration, that a big majority of mobile users are on Safari :slight_smile:
(I tested it on Safari 17.3)

Hey, have you tested this recently? Other day I did some fixes and it was working on iphone 14, not sure what Safari it was

It’s still behaving weird!
I can see that it works now first time I visit my page, but if I go to a new page and return again to the same page, then it doesn’t work :sweat_smile: Very mysterious