Dynamic Content = API + CMS | URL Parameters?

Hey! This might be a dumb question, so I apologize in advance if it is, but I would love some guidance on how to set the API up to update the CMS (or even just to pass dynamic content to a page).

I also was wondering if it is possible to pass dynamic content through url parameters. If so, what would we write in the settings panel to specify that?

Thanks for all of the ridiculously awesome development you guys are doing, and for being so responsive while doing it!

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Hi @chelce

I am not sure if I understood your question correctly. But currently it’s not possible to update the CMS yet from within API, but it’s requested feature and should come soon.

I would really need more information of what you are trying to achieve, if you can explain in more detail?

As for query parameters, if you pass them in URL you can access them using variable system.

And thanks very much for support.

Awesome, thanks for the quick response. Re: the API, yes, that’s what I was asking, and I appreciate the fact that it’s already on the roadmap. Is there a timeframe planned for it yet? And are there any tutorials in the works about using the Divhunt API (or could you guys add it to the list if it wasn’t already on there)?

I’m really just trying to figure out ways to push content into Divhunt from external platforms (namely from Coda).

Thanks for the answer on the URL parameters; it’s super clear and helpful. :slight_smile:


Are you planning to use Coda API to show the data in Divhunt or you want to migrate Code data to Divhunt CMS?

I’m hoping to display the Coda data in Divhunt. I figured that syncing it with the Divhunt CMS would give me the option if I wanted to transition to the Divhunt CMS down the line, but for now I’ll be using Coda as the backend.


Yes, that’s already possible using REST API application. Have you installed it?
I can help you with this, but keep in mind that I have no experience with Coda API.

What what I need you to do is to create GET API Request inside Divhunt

Then set proper URL (Coda Endpoint) add Header for Authorization if they require one and using Execute icon on top of page (navbar) you can test request if is valid.


So you would want to achieve something like this:

Once you have completed this part, we can move into showing those data inside builder.


I believe you need this one? Coda API (v1) Reference Documentation
Sorry if this is not what you are looking for, really have no experience with Coda.

Anyway, once you have created Divhunt GET request that can fetch data from CODA API, then I can help you display those data inside Divhunt.

Thanks so much for the screenshots. Using them, I was able to get the data, so I would love to know what the next step is!

More specifically, I would love to know the process for getting nested objects into the builder (I was able to figure out how to get data from the API into the builder, so thank you for that!).

@chelce For nested objects that you want to iterate you can use Iterable under Advanced tab.

Could you share your domain name or at least screenshots of what you want to accomplish and I can help.

I actually was able to figure it out based on your answer to this post. Thanks for all your help; you guys are awesome!