Ecomm on Divhunt

Loving divhunt so far! Just finished building out my first site for a friend on it in record time. Smooth as butter.

Is there any firm ETA on the ecomm features btw? That would make it a perfect full package for me.

In the meantime, whats the best way to use divhunt for ecomm? Embed other cart saas tools? Or do I have to still use shopify?


@dejan could you provide any updates on this?

Also, before the ecomm features are ready, what’s the best way to use divhunt for a single product ecomm store? Embed a stripe checkout link?

Stripe Checkout seems to be the easiest way for now. I think.

Hey @0xjohn, sorry for getting back to you late, we somehow missed this thread.

We’re planning to roll out Ecomm in 2024. We can’t give you an exact date right now because we want to make sure we can stick to our word. Ecomm is a big project; it needs a lot of time, effort, and testing.

We know that this is an important feature that will help a lot of users. Right now, though, we’re putting our energy into other key features. We will focus on Ecomm when we can give it the time it needs.

For now, using a 3rd party solution like Stripe, or other services, is your best bet. :raised_hands:

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Thanks for getting back! Agree that ecomm is a big undertaking with lots of parts involved. Excited to see this in 2024! Guess I’ll have to stick with Shopify for the time being.