Elements are on each other in responsive mode


When I change to responsive breakpoints, the elements are on each other because the height is longer in a row.

Is there a way to fix it from the desktop breakpoint or do I have to fix it manually all the breakpoints?

Is it correct to give them 300px padding or better to rearrange sections with the positions?

PLEASE make a tutorial on working with responsive modes.

I have a lot of positioning fixes in the responsive breakpoints and I’m not sure it’s supposed to be like that.

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Hi @Pakic Pakic

Thanks a lot for this tutorial.

I think that there is a bug because the responsive works fine beside the 767px breakpoint.

The section is going over to the other sections and it only happens with a 767px breakpoint.

Was it better to build this section with a grid instead of a flex?

Here is a video that shows the problem:


Thanks for the video again!

The problem is still there

I can only fix it when I add 2 columns in the grid on 767px breakpoint


Now it moved to 480px breakpoint.

Please watch the responsive problem


I have found that when I set the height parameter in the desktop mode, it affects the other responsive mode and creates problems.

It all happened because I have added height px on the container.

I guess I need to use less height sizing and use more padding and margins.

I will wait for your tutorial on padding & margins.