Embed not working

For some reason every time i add an embed in a section on a page it completely screws up the page. After I add an embed I’m unable to add any section, container, or div under that section. I can add a section to the body and then move it above the section with the embed but thats it.

Also, today, I added an embed and it combined the section below it which completely screwed up the component I had below.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

BTW I’m adding an embed so I can add keyframes. Is there another way to add them? Sorry i’m new to divhunt.

Your code in embed might be bad, missing some closing tags or something? Can you send me a website url

well, where am i supposed to add keyframes? Whenever i try to add it to the custom code it doesn’t work. Is there any videos or information on adding keyframes?

***NEVERMIND I figured it out

Can you share what was the issue, in case someone else gets into same problem? Ty