Embedding rss feed

Hello DivHunt Team,
I’m interested in embedding an RSS feed onto my website to provide visitors with timely updates. Could you please offer some guidance on how to effectively do this?


You can use Embed tag to paste the code to embed RSS feed? Would that be option for you, or you need something more specific?

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Would you be able to make a video to show how it’s done please?

Thank you :+1:

Thanks, Could you please guide me on how I can generate an RSS feed for my website? i tried to use software’s that help generate rss feeds such as [Create your custom RSS Feed with RSS Builder] but no luck.

Any insights, advice, or step-by-step instructions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

@tcart @Nao

Please give us some time, we need to research a bit and then we will create video.
@Pakic can you handle this tomorrow?

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Ok thanks, I will wait for your response.

Hi Divhunt team any update on the RSS Feed?