Filtering and sorting

I am pulling data from Airtable, but it seems the filtering and sorting is limited. For example, I was expecting to see:


  • if the filter field has value (e.g. exists, is not empty)
  • if the filter value is in the field list (when there a reference one to many)


  • It seems that it doesn’t bring up all the possible fields that can be used for sorting (text, number)

Any guidance will be very helpful!

Thanks in advance

iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240306210910
iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240306211049


Hmm, I guess we can implement “Contains” and “Not Contains” fast,
but for relations that might be little harder.

Is there a chance that you can finish the website with those 2 filters in addition? Or you depend on relations?

No worries, I managed to make it work with the Airtable API documentation from scratch


Perfect, thank you for sorting this out.