FontAwesome Plugin - How to Use?

How do I access the FontAwesome icons after installing the plugin? I can’t seem to find it on the builder.

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Just please re-install plugin now on your project, because I made some fixes, so in order for you to get fresh version, you need to re-install it. Thanks

Here’s a written tutorial:

  1. Install plugin Fontawesome
  2. Select a div or parent element in which you want to add icon
  3. Click CTLR + E or K
  4. Search “Icon” and add it by clicking enter
  5. Select icon in layers panel or on canvas
  6. Open settings tab on the right side, and you will see options to select icon
  7. Style it with use of font-size & color, it works same as the text


When I click on icon and open the settings tab, I actually see this:

What do you recommend?

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Can you try to reinstall plugin, and let me know if issue persist?

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I’ve tried uninstalling, refreshing, and reinstalling, and I’m having the same issue.

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I did the same install and I have the same result. [undefined]

Try reinstalling now please. Everything should be working now.
Thanks for reporting this bug everyone! :slight_smile:


works just fine! Thanks for quick action.