Forced auto save is a feature from hell

I’m hating that the builder saves automatically anything you do.

So if it bugs out and stops responding and you reload the changes will be saved… it’s ok that the changes are saved but not that the previous version is deleted.

Undo will not work anymore after an auto save.

I would like to have the option to save manually.

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Hey @David, the auto-save feature is crucial since we are a cloud-based tool. If we disable this, users could lose their whole progress.

But I can understand that it causes some problems in certain cases. We are already aware of that and we are working on the backup feature where you’ll be able to restore previous versions of your website.

There will be two ways to do so:

  • Copy of the website will be automatically saved every XX minutes / every XX elements changed or added.

  • You’ll be able to manually create a specific version point, let’s say you created everything and now you want to start experimenting with some scripts that might break your build. In that case, you would create a custom saving point so you can always revert changes to that version.

This will solve both problems: auto-save will remain active to ensure progress is saved all the time and you’ll be able to revert to previous versions of the website if you break anything.


What do you mean lose their whole progress?

Did you even read what I said?

I keep losing my pages because of this forced auto save.

Your auto save is deleting my previous progress, it’s not just saving, it’s OVERWRITING.

So it’s not an auto save feature at all. It’s an OVERWRITE FEATURE FROM HELL.

Or maybe even AUTO DELETE. Or even Automatic Destroyer of pages.

I just read the first half of what you wrote and above are my thoughts.

I won’t change them and will leave them here for future reference, as the points still stand.

Also the undo feature is super bugged, I’m sure you also know about this, so many times I have tried to undo 1 thing it didn’t at all and undid something else, and then it auto saves and it’s just over. The page is destroyed by that point.

Hey David, as I said before, we are fully aware of the issues, and we are working on bringing the backup / restore points feature.

I’m not sure how you use the builder, so you are getting this feature to create such issues for you. All it does is just save your progress and changes while your session is active (before the page refresh). It’s how all the cloud-based tools work.

It doesn’t overwrite or delete anything, it just records the new changes you are making and saves them on the cloud. You can still undo them while your session is active. Yes, certain undo bugs have been reported (undo is not registering certain actions such as loop and class creation), and those will be sorted as soon as possible. Everything else works just fine and we didn’t get any reports around this feature.

Since you stated that you only read the first half of my response, I suggest reading everything and bearing with us since we are still a fresh product, and it’s normal to experience bugs and broken things at this stage.

It would be nice if we could stay positive and calm and give us some time to resolve everything. We are a small team that is trying our best, but it’s impossible to push all the fixes and features at the same time. We have to create a priority list.

Thanks for understanding and I hope you’ll enjoy Divhunt in the future. :slight_smile:



Be at least somewhat understanding. We are an open beta, small team, released 3 months ago, it’s huge project, we are also doing development work + helping you guys, and not only answering questions but also helping with website changes.

Things will be sorted out in future, especially bugs, it would be a lot more helpful if you describe and explain bugs, then explain the idea or your vision of a better system, that’s the right way.


Ok my dudes, thanks.

You are right. You said 3 months?

Then great job, seems amazing.

I’m just frustrated that I’ve lost my progress so many times.

Even just now nuked an entire section that I built days ago, now I have to rebuild it and still can’t rebuild it as I’m having other issues.

But yeah, it’s the looped items that give me a lot of headache, especially when it comes to undo.

Hi David,

Your main issues are coming from undo functionality, so you break something, try to revert it, and undo makes it even worse? Or you are experiencing some other bugs that we are not aware that exist?

Yes, it’s basically that but you are already aware of it.

Still I think autosave shouldn’t be an OVERWRITE from hell feature.

There should at least be the ability to disable it, as it’s truly horrendous that it deletes our progress in the past anytime there’s a mistake due to the user or due to bugs.

Too many ways to destroy the page and set it in stone.

Why? Nonsense.

Hey David, as mentioned before, it’s not up to auto-save, it’s up to Undo feature problems. Auto-save is working correctly, the Undo is one making issues, and we are working on a fix. :slight_smile:

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Personally I love the auto save feature. I can make some changes, and immediately see changes.

Yes, Undo is an issue, but I know it will be fixed properly as soon as possible.

There a couple of ways to prevent encountering issues from Auto Save when Undo is not possible.

Option 1

Duplicate the block and use Settings → Visibility to Hide it. Then make your changes in the copied block. If anything goes wrong, you can restore the hidden block.

Option 2

Duplicate the block, convert to component, and Lock it, the Hide with Settings → Visibility

This is the same idea, but goes a step further and prevents you from Accidentally changing your copied block. Even though it’s hidden, you can still select the layers in the layers panel and accidentally make changes.

There may be other options as well but that is what I use. For the moment, it works well enough for my needs :grinning:.

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Auto save plus the Broken Undo features is still destroying my progress.

I don’t think a lot of progress was done to fix the Undo feature.

And also I still don’t see a way to get back to my work when it was not broken.

Because again, Auto Save is making sure to destroy any previous version for good and auto save the broken results you have after Undoing.


I’m going to take a second to point out that Divhunt staff has been ridiculously helpful in reverting my site and others to a specified version on the backend when I break something!

You can say what time, or perhaps a visual marker or “before X disappeared” and they should be able to do it for you.

Yes, the undo button is a bit broken on the builder side, but please try asking @dejan etc to revert your site first next time before exclaiming that it’s a fundamentally broken system?

I think my time is better used complaining about this so that it gets fixed than stopping all my work and burning my time plus the team’s time with these requests that shouldn’t be here.

I want a solution, not to depend on support.

Also the more people want to waste time flirting with support the less development this tool will have.

We’ve made great progress in the “backup” section, so soon enough we will have snapshots where you can go back and forward in time in a second.

So that you can expect soon.

Every time you publish a website, backup will be generated automatically giving you an option to switch between backups easily.

Undo will stay broken for bit longer (sadly), it’s large feature, so learn to live with it for some more time, not because we can’t fix it, but because we plan on doing completely different system for undo, which keeps changes even on refresh, but currently we don’t have time for that sadly.

Auto-save will remain auto-save, we won’t have a feature to turn it off/on, we should improve it, i agree, for example if something breaks, it should stop the builder immediately somehow, let you know, idk, something like that. I believe there’s already a system for that, but it’s not bullet proof as you mentioned.

Hm, I’ve never had any auto-save issues? I just build, and if I need to revert I just undo the changes I made. I’ve been working with Wordpress for years, and they have versioning, almost never used that feature :rofl:

I don’ know if I’m using the builder the way it’s meant to be used, or if I just don’t use the features that’s being used here that mess things up?

I press undo, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, I just undo the changes I made, takes me seconds?

Or am I missing something here on how other are building? :thinking:

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