Form - email notification / custom URL redirect

Hello is there an option to set up client receiver for forms?
Crucial to have the option to send an email to the client, once someone submits the form.

Also is there an option to redirect to the URL after submitting the form?


Hi @petrbilek

At the moment we don’t have option to send email to client, but we will add it in following days, so please bear with us.

As for redirect, you can use custom code and event system to catch form submits.

mdEvents.Fn('catch', 'forms.success', function(data)
  /* If you have multiple forms, check the id of form to match */
  if( !== 94) { return; }
  window.location.href = '';

Update snippet and add it to your website custom code section, just update the form ID (to be your form ID)

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Amazing, thank you.

PS: the do you have tutorial how to use the code snipets? I was trying to write my own modal js. behavior, but did not sure how to connect the behavior within the styles or page.


Most easiest way, if you don’t need advanced file organization or similar, is custom code on project level.

So go into admin panel > Custom code, and paste that modified snippet into “Body End” for example.

That should do the trick. Let me know if this works for you.

Yeap, that’s same as Webflow approach. I was just curious if there is option to create custom code via Files and than bind the code within the form.


Yes, feel free to create file, name it as you like, make sure you select “onReady” event, (it’s the default) and then paste the code.

If you right-click on file, you can see more events, like

onReady - Code will be executed only on website load
onPageReady - Code will be executed every time visitor changes page

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